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Widgets on Pages v1.2 – Auto Add Widgets to Posts

By on Jul 12, 2017 in News | 0 comments

That’s right folks. v1.2 of Widgets on Pages Pro is here, with the shiny new addition of being able to select “Auto Insert” options for Turbo Sidebars, to automatically add sidebars and widgets to posts and pages.

The plugin enables you to append widgets to WordPress posts and pages, with the option to either have the widgets displayed before, or after, the post or page content.

You can specify whether the widgets should automatically be inserted into Posts, Pages, or both, and a new meta-box appears on the individual post/page editing screen to allow you to disable the auto-inclusion on a per content basis.

This new feature is perfect for adding hooks into your site, for your users. Examples include adding a “recent post” listing to the base of posts, adding a newsletter sign-up to the end of pages, or even adding a notice box to the top of all content highlighting some important temporary information (e.g. Emergency closing hours of your shop, or a security update for your online store).