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Introducing Search Insights, Rich reports for WordPress Search

By on Nov 21, 2017 in Plugins | 0 comments

A site search is an invaluable feature of a website. Whether you’re running an e-commerce site, a brochure site, or a portfolio site for your small business, your sites search functionality is key to getting your visitors to what they’re looking for… and if they find it, then you’re going to get more conversions, more sales, more interaction.

So site searches are important, and you’ve got the content ready to go… but to truly serve your visitors you need to understand what they’re after, and that means identifying when they search for things that you don’t have.

Imagine this, you have an e-commerce clothes store, with shirts, skirts, t-shirts, shoes etc. Is your site search going to deliver the right results for the following keywords;

  • “pants”
  • “trousers”

Whether you’re based in America, or the UK, or elsewhere in the world, it’s possible you’re visitors will have a different understanding of those words than you do. Let’s not forget misspellings and slang.

  • “t-shirt”
  • “tshirt”
  • “tshort”
  • “tee”
  • “polo shirt”

You can quickly see that if you’re not aware that folk are searching with these keywords then you’re losing out on converting your visitors.

With our latest plugin – Search Insights – you get this information delivered in rich form in your WordPress admin area.

WordPress admin screen for search insights, showing a bar chart of search hits, and search misses. Animated screenshot

Search Insights, showing areas of lost conversion

As you can see from the above you get a report for the last 1, 7, and 30 days, for all search terms, and importantly identifying which searches had resulted in matches being found.

The Search Insight plugin currently supports the default WordPress search, and also the incredible Relevanssi search plugin, with other search mechanisms including SearchWP on the roadmap.

As well as the informative admin reports page, Search Insights also sends a daily email report out, meaning you don’t need to remember to log in to your site to stay on top of the searches.

Get the insights to increase conversions now!