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Adding Widgets to WordPress Pages has Never Been so Easy

By on May 30, 2017 in Plugins | 0 comments

The recent release of v1.1.0 of Widgets on Pages brought in a few fixes, for stability and upgrade paths… but most exciting is the inclusion of the visual editor support in our PRO version. Inserting widgets into posts… …It is as simple as “drags, drops, and clicks” The below video shows just how smart this is, and that an author, with a few simple “drags, drops, and clicks”, can insert widgets inline into their posts, and even align them horizontally. As well as adding widgets and sidebars directly into post content, you can also use the plugin’s template tags to automatically include the sidebars into your theme. This, along with the ability to create as many sidebars as you want – through a familiar WordPress interface – means that this is also a super easy way to add sidebars to your themes. So what are you waiting for, start making your Widgets work for you. Check out Widgets on Pages    ...

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