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Receive the data to smarten your WordPress searches… start converting the misses!

Knowing what folk are searching for on your site is extremely valuable to you and your business. With the WordPress Search Insights plugin you get a regular mail sent straight to your mailbox with information on what people searched for, and whether or not they found what they wanted. There’s also an admin page with reports for the latest searches (1, 7, and 30 days)

WordPress admin screen for search insights, showing a bar chart of search hits, and search misses. Animated screenshot

Search Insights, showing areas of lost conversion

Finally get visibility of searches Instant Download

As an example, say you ran an online clothes store, it would be extremely valuable to know that everyday you had visitors searching for variants and misspellings when  looking for your t-shirts? Imagine redirecting that 12% of searches to pages where they can complete their purchases.


  • Admin Search Reports

    1, 7, and 30 days reports available to admins.

  • Log Search Terms

    All searches logged, whether they resulted in matches or not

  • Highlight “search misses”

    Arms you to target missed opportunities

  • Rich Email Reports

    Regular emails inform you of the search activity

  • Relevanssi & Default Search

    Finally get info when using the default WordPress search, and rich reports for Relevanssi

  • Priority Support

    Priority support to make sure the plugin works for you

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