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Easily add widgets to your WordPress pages & posts


No-code example of adding Widgets to a WordPress page

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  • Insert into posts and pages

    Easily insert widgets into posts, pages and custom post types.

  • No Code

    That’s right… it’s just click click click, and you have widgets in your content

  • Auto Insert

    Have widgets inserted before or after your header, content, or footer

  • Priority Support

    Never feel alone. Support is on hand with the Pro version

  • Create New Sidebars

    Create custom sidebars and easily add to your theme with our template tags

  • 100% WordPress Support

    Works with all know WordPress themes and Widgets… support across the board

Make your Widgets work for you Go PRO now

With Widgets on Pages free (on you get the full power to insert widgets where you want, on post, pages and custom posts. You even get template tags that support easy addition of sidebars and widgets into themes.

Widgets on Pages PRO takes it to the next level; No coding skills required to add sidebars or widgets to your WordPress site… simply “click and go“.

And if you want to auto insert widgets into your posts – either before or after the content – then the Pro version has you covered too.