Chunks of Useful Code


Insert Sidebars and Widgets into Posts / Pages

Widgets on Pages supports insertion of sidebars and their widgets in WordPress Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types.

Widgets Placed Inline

Wherever you place the shortcode – manually of using the Visual Editor (PRO) – will be where your widgets appear. Giving your WordPress authors huge control.

Auto Insert Widgets into all Posts and Pages

With our PRO version you get extra options to auto insert a sidebar and its widgets into posts and/or pages. The widgets can either be inserted before or after the main content.


There is of course the option to specifically remove the auto-inclusion from any individual post or page.

Insert into Theme Header/Footer

With our PRO version you get extra options to insert widgets into your theme’s header or footer sections. The widgets can be configure to appear either before, or after the content of your theme’s header or footer.

ALL Widgets Supported

Since Widgets on Pages leverages the core WordPress Widget’s code all Widgets should be supported. There are hundreds of extremely useful widgets out there, now is the time to make them really work on your site.

No-Code Needed

With our free version, inserting widgets is as straight-forward as copy-and-paste.

Take is step further with Widgets on Pages PRO and it’s just click-click-go.

Animated gif of inserting widgets to WordPress using the Widgets on Pages plugin

No-code example of adding Widgets to a WordPress page

Built in Column and Grid Layouts

With our PRO version you get to easily configure a horizontal layout for your widgets (see above screencast). You get to set how many columns should be used for the most common screen resolution breakpoints; these are the ones used in best responsive themes.

Add Sidebars to Themes

Using the Widgets on Pages template tags you can swiftly add new sidebars to any theme. It’s as simple as this;

<?php widgets_on_template("wop_1"); ?>

 Cross Theme Persistence

Several plugins do a similar job to Widgets on Pages, but not all are able to maintain sidebar and widget configuration when switching themes. Widgets on Pages does this, according to all know data.